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10 Best Places To Meet Women Without Being Creepy

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Meeting and having a conversation with women can be nerve-racking as well as can be an embarrassing experience. Women always guard up against “creepy” men which makes it hard for men to start the conversation. Luckily, if you are at one of the below enlisted places, you can easily start a conversation or meet a women without any hesitation or being creepy.

1# Fitness Class.

One of the best places to meet women is in her fitness class. Though most of the women don’t like being interrupted during their workout sessions but you can talk to them during their break. Try to be friendly and avoid any remarks on her looks.

2# Reception Parties.

Reception parties are the best places to meet single women as after long tiring day; single women are feeling jealous and can easily be approached. So, move around the hall and ask women who are sitting alone if they would like to dance with you.

3# Volunteer Group.

There is no doubt that volunteering is the best places to pick up women through which you can give back to the community. Along with it, joining a volunteer group will also put a great impact on the women in your group. You can work as well as can have time to have conversation with your fellows.

4# Parks.

Best ways to approach women Take your dog in the park regularly. You can find many women there who are also there for the dog walk. Cute, fluffy animals are the weakness of women. When you take your dog to your local park, play catch with it and accidently throw the ball on the women sitting on the nearby bench. Then go to that women, apologize for your mistake and start the conversation.

5# Religious places.

If you are religious, then you must regularly religious places like church or temple as you will get a chance to meet new people. It is also a best place to meet women.

6# Sports League.

If you are a sports lover then you must join a league of your favorite sport. It will be quite helpful, as you will get a chance to meet women and to put a better impression on the women who love sports. Try to be friendly with your teammates and you will easily make a connection with anyone.

7# House Parties.

The best place to meet women is house parties. In house parties, you get a chance to meet your friends and their friends. In such parties, you can easily find single women and can start a conversation with them. The main point of these parties is to eat, drink, dance and meet new people. So, if you randomly start talking to any women they will surely don’t mind and will love to talk to you.

8# Book Stores.

Book stores are another place to meet women without being creepy. Don’t just go and start talking to any women, just go through a section and talk to the women who are looking up in the same section. Just ask her if she have read the book that you are considering to buy or what is the name of her favorite author or book. It will help you start the conversation.

9# At your Workplace.

Though talking to women at work might be risky as you can spoil your relationship with your co-workers but while working together, you make a connection easily. But the most difficult part here is to make a transition from being friend to more than a friend.

10# Apartments.

If you are living in an apartment building, then there are chances that you run into women while walking through the halls or going towards your apartment or in the laundry. So while you are walking and met someone, instead of saying hi, give a brief introduction of yourself and tell them your apartment. This way woman can feel more comfortable while talking to you as they will know where you live. And next time whenever you meet them you can start a proper conversation with them.

These were 10 places where you can meet women without being creepy. Though in the beginning you might feel uncomfortable but once you have started the conversation everything will seem to be normal.