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Dating a Younger Man: Hot or Not?

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It’s not age, but compatibility that matters when dating a younger man

Who said that love should be spontaneous and unplanned, was indeed right! But what if Cupid forget his age, and sends down for you younger guy? Not bad, huh?! After all, life is too short to wake up with regrets. Looking back, it is possible thanks to the good fortune of falling in love with the right person. However, if you have the hots for a young man or is dating one already, here are some things you can consider.

a life coach Malti Bhojwani feel that age has nothing to do with dating a younger man. “It is more connecting! Yet, if there is opposition from family once again the pair decides to get married, then he is a guy who has to take a stand and make it work. So at the end of the day, honesty, communicate and clarity are the three things that help a relation greatly, “she says.

Younger men can be a lot more fun.

Dating itself is pure fun considering the mystery which comes along with it. But aging also, most men tended to be tied up to his career leaving little or no scope for fun. This is not usually the case with the much younger having a completely new, an experimental approach to life. If it’s nothing, you are on a rollercoaster ride for sure!

Nairita Mukherjee, who is in a stable relationship with a man of about two years younger than her years, says age is the last thing on your mind. “After all, it is still fighting for the remote control, and then compensate with a smile! Since I have come out with about eight years old, I guess it was easier to mold ourselves in a way that suits” we “best” jokes.

Differences are inevitable.

If you’re dating a guy several younger years, there are bound to be differences. Discussing about the type of music you both enjoy is one thing, but what happens when the biggest differences are in charge of your relationship? Most often, this may mean engaging and inviting trouble for himself in this way. Nairita says: “There is no formula or user to go out with younger men, because they do not treat them like babies, now would you?”

Malti says: “If you are compatible and can laugh apart during such situations, then nothing like it The most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company.”

You will feel younger.

Younger man can be from a different generation altogether. So while you might want to sit at a park and enjoying the night, which moreover could insist on going nightclubs. Watching the world through the his eyes is not a bad after all. “Dating a younger can be exciting and seem like an challenging at first man. The best part is that it makes you feel younger,” says Aditi Samantray, which came out with a guy a few years younger than she was.

Can an older man date a young woman?


Sure, an older men younger women can date, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, an older man may not have the same energy level as a younger man, so he’ll need to be patient. Second, an older man may not be as attractive to a younger woman as a younger man, so he’ll need to work a little harder to keep her interested. Third, an older man may not be as financially stable as a younger man, so he’ll need to be careful with how he spends his money. Finally, an older man may not be as sexually experienced as a younger man, so he’ll need to be willing to learn and be patient.

Younger men might still be a child

“Do not let the child die” – you must have heard this a hundred times, is not it? If you’re dating a younger guy, there is a high probability that there can not be grown at all. The problem arises when they are expected to behave and act like a mature person, and he does not. Aditi says, “I was fine with dating a younger guy, until I realized I was a kid. He would become so emotional after each fight was going to be really irritating.”

He respects you for being the woman you are.  

Sometimes watching an older woman taking charge of her life is an eye-opener for men. Possibly that is the reason why the guy you are dating adores and respects you. The fact that you are older and come with much experience makes him look up to you.

He may not understand responsibility.

Younger person is less likely to discuss the future (ie: marriage and settling) with probably because he is not yet ready! And being an independent woman who believes in taking over his life, dating a man with a sense of responsibility scratch can cause a problem. If he can not handle their responsibilities and not understand its importance either.

Living in the moment is sometimes good.

Often it has been found to take life as it comes, right? It dating a younger guy is an indication that want to enjoy your present, instead of thinking about the future. It reveling in this with him will make you realize how much fun is life, and what it means to live in the moment!

Uncertainty is not a good thing.


Whilst you are celebrating present, which is more likely that ignoring what life holds in store for you. Your future is an unavoidable truth which can not to easily brush. In such scenario, it can mean living in uncertainty, which you can enjoy your guy, but definitely will not, in the long run.

Malti also feels that when dating a younger man, is not likely to be obstacles and unique challenges. According to her, there are certain things that can help you make and stick to the decision. Some of them are:

  • He should be mature enough to view each challenge or breakdown as an opportunity to stretch, learn and communicate.
  • It is important to laugh at the jokes if you are going to make it through this one.
  • If he is serious about you, he will be willing to take a stand. If he’s just enjoying the fling and not into something long-term, then make sure you are in it with your eyes open.
  • Does he use his age as an excuse to be flippant or to treat you badly?

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