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Dear Future Husband

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Note to the reader: I am listening to mush songs one after another and eating chocolate, so feel free to not judge me while I am living this moment.

Dear Future Husband,

How are you? I’m guessing that you are doing well and soon will make it even better, as they will meet me, right? Ah! I have so many questions for you, some claims as well and so many stories you tell. A lifetime will fall short, because I will chew your brains with my bad jokes and crazy plans. You really should buy some earplugs immediately, since they are so going to need

Okay jokes aside, I just wanted to say I miss your presence in my life. I miss those pampering that we will share those moments of laughter and good morning kisses cute. I will‘m losing, and seriously it is taking forever to meet. Is not it time to make those dreams come true?

You know there are times when I sit on the windowsill and think about how you are. Your name, date of birth, your sun sign. You will be the one that produces hundreds of gifts every day or the silent melancholy types that will become a ball of mush when alone with me? Ah! Smoughts thoughts! I wonder what your voice sounds like or how it will sound my name on his lips on normal days and intimate moments. Okay, stop me if I’m gushing, but seriously, I also think about your fashion sense. What if you are a bad comfortable, oh god, you really going to kill me, but do not worry, I’ll make sure you get a renewal immediately. Tee hee!

I wonder how you will feel when you hold me tight in your arms and sleep, and wakes me with his stubble brushed around my cheeks. I wonder if she will cook breakfast for me on the bed and let me lazy Sunday afternoons everything to me and my book. I wonder if you would like to travel and explore the world with me. I wonder if you want to jump out of planes and dive into the depths of the oceans me. There are so many questions that I have, but I think I’ll have to wait and see what is to be.

You know I have this strong fancy for the world and share quotes Gloria Steinem as ‘we are becoming the men we married,’ but you can call me a hypocrite because I am still waiting for a knight in shining armor. I do not pretend to believe in fairy tales but secretly desire to leave the glass slipper on a ball so that you, my prince can find me soon. You’ll?

Say, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans as well, so I’ll go and make plans that do not include so far. But you know what, you have to arrive early so that I can have my kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower and spend an evening with you under a meteor shower, and see the northern lights together. Hope you’re packing your bags now.

I miss you. See you soon.

With upcoming cuddles and kisses
Your future wife.