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How to Look Good Without Makeup

Many women are would love to mention the morning routine of carefully applying their makeup face fresh and go instead for Looking Good Without Makeup. However, they may feel vulnerable and exposed without their make-up and are afraid of how they would look without it. If you are one of those people, then put your mascara wand and start reading because this article will show you how you can both look and feel good without even a little makeup!

1 Get Clear Skin

1 Wash your face twice a day. Skin care is a key factor to look good without makeup. Spend what time and money implementing and buying makeup on skin care is spent. First and foremost, find a good facial wash that suits your skin type and use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Although it may be tempting to wash your face more than twice a day, this is not recommended. During washing can cause dry itchy skin, making it look worse rather than better.

Develop a system of facial skin. Whatever scheme you choose, stick to it, and always moving forward. Repeat regime morning and evening.

2 Use daily moisturizer. Each time you wash your face, you must follow with an application of facial moisturizer. Select a daily moisturizer quality (preferably one with SPF in it) and apply it daily after washing. Opt for a slightly rich rather to use in the evening moisturizer.

Always select a moisturizer that suit your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, going for something soft and unscented. If you are prone to pimples, try something light and not greasy.
type of dry skin should go for heavier with soothing, nourishing shea butter and aloe vera ingredients and moisturizers.

3 Exfoliate once a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving your face a fresh and radiant. It can really help give a healthy glow to the skin, which is a plus when you’re aiming to go free makeup. Find a wash skin with special exfoliating particles that can be used at least once a week, but as often as every 2-3 days for best results. Alternatively, you can exfoliate using a clean cloth soaked in warm water. Rub the face gently with a towel, with slow circular movements.

This option is good for people with sensitive ingredients in facial cleansers skin.

Never rub your face too hard or use exfoliating too often. This dry skin and felt irritated, which is the last thing

4 Use toner. Toner is a product from skin care that are often has been overlooked, but it can work wonders when it comes to improving the appearance of their skin. Toner restoring natural pH balance of the skin alongside many other benefits depending on the kind of toner. Look for toners they are alcohol free. These are less skin dryness and help to even out skin tone.

For example, toners designed for oily or acne-prone skin may help clear excess oil and tighten pores, while toners for dry skin can help soothe irritation and maintain the extra moisture.
Proper toner for your skin type can be used every day, after cleansing and before moisturizing.

5 Always remove makeup. Although this article is a guide on how to look good without makeup, you probably still have to use occasionally. This is absolutely fine, but just make sure that when you wear makeup, remember the medication completely before bedtime. Makeup left on overnight can clog pores and lead to blackheads.

Use a specific product to remove makeup, as a foam or cream cleanser to remove makeup, rather than regular face washing.

Use a makeup remover special eyes to clean mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and.

6 Take care of any pimples. Pimples can be one of the main reasons why people are afraid to go bare faced first, so if you can get rid of them, you will feel much safer to go free makeup. Be sure to follow a regimen of strict skin care to avoid clogging the pores and remove any excess bacteria of the skin surface. Use products for oily or acne-prone skin and look for moisturizers, sunscreens and makeup that are non-comedogenic (does not block pores).

 Loom for creams and gels counted more counter that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which are extremely effective in clearing acne.
If you think these measures to work, consider seeing a dermatologist who can prescribe a stronger medicated cream or even a round of antibiotics or other oral medications. 7 Always wear sunscreen. You should use sunscreen every day, even if it’s cold, cloudy or snowy, since the UVA / UVB rays can still damage the skin. Sun damage will cause your skin to age prematurely, and in extreme cases can lead to skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Try using SPF 30 or higher, and if possible, find a sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer. This will make the application easy to remember sunscreen.

8 Stop touching your face. This is a habit that many people are guilty of, which can seriously affect the quality of the skin. Pickup points, rubbing his forehead, or just resting his chin in his hand are all things that add oil and bacteria from the skin, causing it to break and greasy look.

Rubbing his face can also loosen the skin, causing premature wrinkles. Therefore, if you want to improve the appearance of their skin, make an effort to stop touching your face unnecessarily.

9 Taking care of your skin from the inside out. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, and drink at least 5-8 glasses (or 1 liter and a half of water). Sleep gives the skin a chance to repair and restore itself, leaving a fresh look without dark circles under the eyes, while drinking water hydrates and purifies the skin from the inside out, flushing out toxins and feeding the skin metabolism.