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Getting Ready for Your Date

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Follow the lines before meeting your match


1. Keep things in perspective, it is only a date. Your life does not depend on it, whatever you may be thinking.

2. Give yourself enough time to get ready so that you can soak in the bath or shower and contemplate.

3. Make sure you know what you will be wearing some time before you get ready and do make an effort to look nice.

4. Play some nice music that gets you in the mood and makes you feel good. Accompany this with a single glass of wine to mellow you out.

5. Make sure you know where you are going and what time you need to be there and make sure you know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Book a cab with time to spare.

6. Quality Aftershaves, colognes and perfumes only please and do not over do things. Whilst your own nostrils may not be able to detect the half a bottle of Hugo Boss you have just drenched yourself in, your date will not be able to see you though the vapor cloud. The same goes for the girls.

7. Give some though to what you are going to talk about and what things you would like to avoid. It isn’t quite an interview situation and should never feel like one, but some of the same rules apply. Preparation is everything.

8. Especially for a woman, tell a good friend where you are going and carry a cell phone and follow all the safe dating rules that apply. It is your responsibility to feel safe and secure.

9. For men, ensure your shoes are sparkling and that you have remembered the accessories such as nice belt, watch and wallet. The details may not be so important to you, but they speak volumes about you.

10. Try to eradicate any feelings at all that this date has to work. It doesn’t, it is just a night out. If things do work out then great, but as I said at the beginning, be cool. Your date will spot any subtle signs of desperation on your part a mile away which is why before arriving on a date you should do everything to make yourself relax.

11. As a guy, if you wish to take flowers along, that’s nice but keep the proportions small and make things subtle and stylish.

12. Do not imagine you are going to have sex this evening even though it may not be far from your mind. By the same token, do make sure that your bed sheets are fresh and the place is tidy, just in case.

13. Whilst bathing spend some time thinking about all the things you would like to ask your date and what humorous stories you can tell. Picture the person you think you are about to meet and what you have to say about yourself, particularly with reference to any questions they may ask you.

14. Even at this early stage remember that you will not be telling anyone that you love them this evening.

15. Think about your body signals in advance as well as remembering how to read theirs so that you can pick up all the standard interest signals. It makes dating fun when you can read what they are thinking about you.