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10 Ways To Save Your Relationship

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Finally you have met the man or woman of your dreams who not only fits all your requirements but also makes you feel special.Along with it not only you like him/her but the likeness is mutual.

You embark a relationship with that one person.The word “relationship” is so unfamiliar to you that you must actually ponder on its construction.This word has ship in it which means you are setting for a sail.

So, you board the relationship and you always expect the first class treatment for yourself. But let’s face the reality, mostly couples end up in steerage.Though you have bought a two-way ticket for the sail but only one-way can be guaranteed in a relationship.

Once you are in a relationship, both of you will change.Still, you continue with your relation, thinking positively, that though the things have changed but you will safely take your relation.

Inevitably, you may come across warning signs of problems in your relation but once you have started a relationship, you always make your mind that your relationship is unsinkable.

Well, every relation has ups and downs, and one has to face it bravely and must find a wise solution for all the problems.If you want to have a healthy relation with your partner, you have to keep a check on all the problems and must take the precautions before things get worse.Here are 10 tips to save your relationship which you must take literally.

Relationship issues and solutions:

1# Stop being Close.

When you think that your relationship is in trouble, stop all sort of physical relations with your partner.Men mostly go for the things that they are stopped from.So, once you will stop being intimate with them, they will come closer to you.

2# Check yourself Before You Blame.

If you are upset with your relation, then take a break… stop for a while and ask yourself what is happening within you, what are the issues you are facing before you start questioning the other person.Mostly the issues are just within your mind and you are just projecting them on your partner.So, a little chit chat with yourself can be quite helpful.

3# Stop Having Opinions.

Your opinions can scare men.The odds of your relationships are proportional to the excitement that you must have for different things like: any new song you like.When you are in a relationship, you have to think about your partner before you think about yourself.So, when you are having conversations with your partner try not to give your opinions.

4# Spend some time Alone.

Make sure that you are spending some quality time together.Make sure that you are getting some time alone so that you can relax, recharge yourself and can talk about your issues.

5# Try to Avoid TV while Having Dinner.

Mostly couples watch TV while they are having their dinner.But they must avoid this habit as on their dinner table they can talk about their day and other important stuff which they never get a chance to talk about during the day time.

6# Have Face to Face conversations.

Try to have conversations on face to face or at least on the phone but avoid messages or emails.Communication can help you save your relationship and resolve your issues.

7# Never Lose the Chance to Embrace.

In today’s era where there is hundreds of distraction, embracing each other has become very importance.Take 15 minutes every day to lean against the chest of your partner and remain there until you fell asleep and enjoy every bit of it.This practice will bring you closer to your partner.

8# Surprise your Partner.

Don’t wait for special occasions like birthdays or anniversary to buy presents for your partner.Instead try to do something special regularly to make them feel special.It will revive romance in your relationship.

9# Bring change in your Routine.

Most of the couples follow the same routine due to which they become frustrated and in frustration they always fighting with their partner.So, to save your relationship try to switch up your routine and once a week do something that is not a part of your daily routine.

10# Never Put your Partner Down.

Give respect to your partner, if you don’t have respect you have nothing.In the beginning cute habits like teasing, hanging out with others to make each other jealous seems pet peeves but later on they can be irritating and can affect your relationship.So, take a vow that you will never let down your partner and will respect him, and will stop him/her from habits which can affect your relationship on later stage of life.

These were 10 best ways to save your relationship.These things can bring a fresh start and a chance to have a better understanding with your partner.