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Why Women Reject Men ?

Men try their best to impress women. They do everything to capture the hearts of the women they fancy. Relationships usually start out this way. However, in many cases, men do not always get what they work so hard for. They are rejected in the end. There are so many reasons why women tend to reject men. Here are some of them.

Men make the wrong moves.

One common reason why women reject some men who court them is because the actions men make do not always make the best impression. There are times when men make the wrong moves that only turn off the women. Some men try to play the bad guy character since they hear it attracts many women. But some are turned off by it. In the end, the men are rejected. It is important for men to first try to know more about a woman’s personality before making any move on them. This will help ensure that they are doing the right thing and avoid rejection.

Sometimes, it is bad timing.

There are times when men get rejected although not really because of their own fault. Sometimes, it is just a case of bad timing. There are times when a woman may be on her period when a man approaches. It can be such a bizarre time where the female hormones seem to go out of whack. They may sometimes act moody and temperamental. It is sometimes bad timing when men try to impress women when they are having their period. Waiting two or three days later before making the move will give men better chances, although the risk of being rejected is still there.

She already has someone else.

Well, that is pretty self-explanatory, unless you add some drama or interesting back story to it. But once a woman is already taken, then there’s no need to hope for another outcome other than rejection.

You are not her type.

Women have their personal types when it comes to men. Sometimes, they will know just by looking or through your conversations. Some women for example, like men with style and money. If you don’t look and act the part, then it is usually an automatic rejection. You are just not her type.