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16 Relationship Advice for Men and Women

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If you are having a hard time pleasing your women then follow the few below-mentioned tips to communicate with her better and make her fall in love more with you.

1#. The first thing you have to do is to communicate with her so sit down and talk about feelings as it’s better than living in relationship with lots of confusions and hidden resentments.

2#. In any manner, do not take your wife or girlfriend for granted and always remember that just because you feel that way, she’s not obligated to do something for you.

3#. You know better that she is important in your life and you love her so learn to appreciate your women.

4#. When you are committed in a relationship then don’t make any decision without asking her opinion.

5#. Do not disrespect your women and whenever she is with you do not stare at other women.

6#. As you women are very sensitive so be honest with them as learning to sugarcoat your words is always a better way to say a bad thing about your women.

7#. Whenever you are with your wife or girlfriend indulge in romantic gestures as by doing something special frequently make them feel special.

8#. When you are in a public place with your women and give her your attention especially in front of any other attractive women.

Relationship Advice for Women:

Here is little advice for women that help them to build a strong and healthy relationship which are as follows:

1#. Play with your husband or boyfriend. As compared to anything else, playfulness in the only important thing that holds a happy relationship together.

2#. Do some romance and romantic gestures because not all men understand the art of chivalry.

3#. Before arguing back or cutting across him, listen to his point of you first and then give you own suggestion. As the tempers of men rise immediately so it’s the best way to prevent their tempers from rising.

4#. Men are always sensitive in the matter whenever it comes to the mistakes of his past so do not remind him any of his past mistakes or failures.

5#. Men don’t have the ability to read your mind don’t assume anything like this that he will understand himself everything that is going on in your mind. He will listen to your thoughts if you can speak your mind.

6#. Don’t be a drama queen because no guy seriously likes any drama queen.

7#. When your boyfriend or husband hurts you then instead of fighting and arguing use the silent treatment and ignore him for some time as this is the best way to teach him a lesson.

8#. Be the shoulder to him to lean on as any macho man as he seems needs a women’s love that gives him an emotional strength.

These are few pieces of advice for both men and women to build a strong and healthy relationship. Both have to give each other space and understand the needs and feeling of your partner.