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How to Attract Women Without Talking

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If you want to get the girl’s attention and feel like you have tried everything but the girl never seems to notice you. Make a few small changes in your personality if you want the attention of girls without lifting a finger. Here are few tips given below that surely help you to get girl’s attention.

1#.Keep your body neat and clean: Take regular showers, use good deodorants and make yourself neat and clean because girls don’t want to deal with a week-old BO.

2#.Wear Decent and Nice Clothes: Wearing decent or nice clothes don’t mean to wear Armani or any well-known brands but it only means to dress-up in a nice way that suits on your body. Wear something according to the latest fashion so don’t wear anything that looks like the height of fashion in 1986. Always dress-up in good manner so that a girl with you never feels embarrassed.

3#.Smell Amazing: Every girl loves this when a man smells amazing just like you love the girl who smells like a perfect princess who fresh out from a fairy land. First of all, keep your body clean and then use a nice scent whether it is any perfume or a body spray. Using any deodorant or perfume doesn’t mean smell like you bathed in Axe so put on the smell correctly in a right way.

4#.Maintain a Good Physique or Body: Girls also like decently fit guys just like boys like skinny and fair girls. Maintaining a good physique doesn’t mean you have to make six-pack abs to impress any girl but you just get yourself to a point where you are comfortable, healthy and not looking to fat nor too skinny.

5#.Show your Personality: Find out your talents as every human being is attracted to other people especially those who do cool things. Now you need to find your hidden talent or if you already have a talent then uses it to impress the girl you like. If you don’t have any attractive or classy talent like playing any instrument or singing then spend time with people who have these types of talents as it gives you the opportunity to meet girls. You can also learn any talent like if drawing as it is a good talent that can be learned.

6#.Be Respectful and Kind to Everybody: If you treat people poorly and you have a bad attitude then you’re probably not walking around and you are going to face very tough time to impress or attract any women. Women will also notice this if you are nice to women but a total jerk to everyone else. If you seriously want to impress any women then be nice, be respectful and legitimate nicely towards everyone.

7#.Do your Own Thing: If you want to attract women then don’t send them flowers every week or to not hang around waiting for them. Just be confident do your own thing and wait for them to come to you.

These are few small changes that you make in your personality of you want to impress or attract any women.