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6 Dating Tips That Will Open The Door For More Dates

So you finally gathered enough courage to ask the girl of your dreams out on a date.

What next?

Remember, you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Therefore, if you want to open the door for succeeding dates, you must make a great and lasting impression.

How will you do it?

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that things won’t end on the 1st date

Tip #1 – Good first impression

Making a good impression involves several things and on top of the list is taking care of how you look on the day of the date. One of the worst things you can do is turning up at her door unshaven, looking shabby and unkempt.

So get that much needed haircut, shave, get a manicure if you must and spend a couple more extra minutes in the shower than usual.

Tip #2 – Dress appropriately

Depending on where you’re having dinner. If you’re having dinner at a formal restaurant, wear a dinner jacket, preferably in black or any dark color that would best complement your date’s little black dress.

If you’re going to a casual restaurant, use your best sports jacket or maybe match a sweater or a cardigan with a good pair of slacks. Most importantly, don’t forget to spray on a generous amount of your favorite cologne.

Once she sees how carefully you prepared for your date, she’ll gladly say yes to Date Number 2.

Tip #3 – Choosing the right place

Men generally choose where to go, especially if they’re picking up the check. However, be considerate of your date and ask beforehand if she has any particular food preferences.

You’ll surely score plus points if she sees how considerate you are of her. At any rate, choose a restaurant where you and your date can really talk and get to know each other better without needing a loudspeaker.

Tip #4 – Never turn up late

Even if women almost always spend more time than necessary dressing up for a date, don’t anticipate the fact that arriving a little bit later than the appointed time is okay. It’s not. Five minutes early is the earliest you should arrive. But never be late unless you want her to change her opinion of you.

Make her giddy with excitement with a simple gift. If it’s your first date, a simple bouquet of flowers or even several stems of roses will do the trick.
You can even add a box of chocolates on the side. Nothing too fancy, just a simple gift to let her know that she’s in your thoughts.

Tip #5 – Compliment her

Nothing’s sweeter to a woman’s ears than to hear her date say how beautiful she is. But don’t overdo it because too much of something is always bad. Listen to her when she speaks and ask questions to let her know that you’re very much interested in her.

Tip #6 – Lastly, be a gentleman

Contrary to popular notions, chivalry is not dead. Make her feel that she’s the only one you see and that she’s the most important being on this world.