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Whether you’re looking for new friends, find a hot plug, or start connecting with someone who could become the love of his life, OkCupid has everything covered. OkCupid calls himself “the fastest growing online dating site,” and have the numbers to back it up. The site uses your answers – and a gambling system based on mathematics – that is paired with compatible dates, which promises a high rate of accuracy, as long as you know what you want and is honest about it. And best of all, is completely free.

OkCupid was founded by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Christian Rudder, four men with sheets of life stunning. In addition to OkCupid, Coyne oversaw the development of and, two very popular websites that have received accolades from publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek. Yagan was also involved with and MetaMachine, Inc., Delias, Corp. and Barnes & Noble, Inc. Krohn and rudder were responsible for two of the most important parts of OkCupid: Web server license and OkTrends blog.

So what does all this Starpower give? creates a unique environment quotations, emphasizing the heavy involvement of members. The parties are identified by their profile and their responses to a series of fun questions generated by other members. Each question party consists of four parts: the question, the answers are willing to accept their parties, a rating of how important it is the answer for you, and an optional explanation of your answer. The more questions you answer, the intelligent OkCupid gets recommending coincidences.

When viewing another user’s profile, click the “the two of us” tab to compare their answers to the question of party for your answers. If your answers match, the text appears in black. If they do not give an answer I expected, his answer comes in pink. And if you gave an answer that was not looking, the answer appears in pink. If there is any hope, the tab will say “Do they all have problems” instead.

OkCupid also promoting of user interaction through unique tests, such as “personality Defect Test,” “The Nerd? Geek? Or Dork? Test” and “The Lover Style Profile Test.” The evidence does not affect their percentages of the parties throughout the site, but remain a distinctive and entertaining way to meet potential dates.

Getting started with OkCupid is free and easy, despite paying for the site has its advantages. pending payment users see ads on the site, while users pay – known as the “A-List” – enjoy an experience without advertising. A-List users also receive larger message storage (up to 5000 messages), advanced search functions, the results of the ordered search custom, special identification in search results, and the ability to change user names without to create a new account.

OkCupid takes privacy seriously, offering a suite of privacy controls for members. Users can choose to make their profile visible only to other members who have agreed to OkCupid, and to lock or hide users who do not want to see or touch. If you do not want to appear on the list of visitors from another person when he sees your profile, you can choose to surf anonymously. However, if you select the anonymous option, you will not be able to see recent visitors to your profile and visitor list will be purged.

The measurement of any great business is its ability to keep up with new trends and changes in the industry, and OkCupid didn’t exactly that. mobile applications with all features are available for both iPhone and Android, and OkCupid has recently announced a new company called “Events”. Events bring OkCupid Online dating in the real world, creating “instant party where guaranteed to have high fourth games.”

 OkCupid is a force to be reckoned with in the world of online dating. It is one of the best sites free online dating, and was voted by FriendFinder sites comments’ as their favorite site free dating in 2010. OkCupid also earned a place in the list of the top 10 dating sites magazine Time 2007. with its design user-friendly site and a unique and interesting way to meet parties, OkCupid is the perfect choice to meet people.

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